~Specialty drinks~

Cajun mary   $5

This bloody mary is not for the faint of hearts. Flavored with jalapenos and other Spices, this drink will add that southern flare

Jalapeno margarita   $5

Tequila muddled with jalapenos then add a splash of sweet & sour and a dash
   Of sprite.  This drink can get hot, just ask for a kick


   Jalapeno martini   $6

Vodka muddled with jalapenos, not a hot drink, but it has that rich spice flavor

                                Want it spicy, just ask for a kick




Mojito Master (Rodney) famous Mojitos~


              The blue monster (c)                  Hawaiian sunset (T) 

              The red monster (C)                    Moulin Rouge  (B)

              The green monster (C)                 purple passion  (B)

              Hawaiian sunset (T)                     Pina Colada (T)                            





            (C) = citrus    (B) = berries   (t) = tropical   (s) = sweet                      


                                    ~Individual flavors~


                           Lemon                            chocolate

                           Lime                               blueberry

                           pineapple                       Raspberry  



Red wine –                                               white wine -

Cabernet                                                  Chardonnay

Pinot Noir                                                 Pinot Grigio

***Any and all spirits/Beer/Wine cannot be ordered for to-go and it must be consumed by person 21 years and older during visit to our restaurant. Please do not ask for to-go alcoholic beverages***

Ole Soul Creole